Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finally! Some Christmas items for Ebay!

Whew! Finally got some things done to show everyone! It is just a couple of things for today, but have more coming! The top piece is an art squared (4" x 4") in cream and blue with silver glass glitter. The bottom one is art card size 2" x 3". It is also cream and blue with silver. I am pretty happy with these, had lots of fun with them! I did something new on these collages, by adding a little fake snow coated with clear glass glitter to the edges to add dimension and texture. Will probably put these on ebay this Sunday night. And, I'm working on a cute cream and blue pixie and more collages using pink and cream. So, stay tuned!

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jenny holiday said...

I cannnot even handle these!! Oh myyyy gosh!! I MUST MUST own them!! They are truly the sweetest things EVER!! My gosh!! Laurie Laurie Laurie!! I better be home for these auctions!! Geez!!

Really the sweetest things EVER!!
Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!

Love them!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo me

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