Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Vacation Part 5

After we left Old Faithful, we continued on to drive past Yellowstone Lake (above) which is the largest high elevation lake in North America. Then we headed on to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. On the way we got to see an elk on the side of the rode (below), can you see his head and rack in the tall grass?

 The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is where the Yellowstone River roars through 20 miles of canyon with two major waterfalls. We were only able to see the Lower falls as there was no place to park at the Upper falls. One thing about a park as popular as Yellowstone, is that you want to head to popular places as early as possible, before the crowds hit. That was why we went to Old Faithful first that day. So by the time we got to the falls, it was afternoon and everything was very packed,

We all took a trail to an overlook, and it was a breathtaking walk. Lower falls is 308ft. high!

Next time I will take you to the Teton Mountains and the town of Jackson WY. To see the other parts of my vacation: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Hope you're not tired of seeing vacation photos. Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Vacation Part 4

Today I will show you our first full day at Yellowstone. We left West Yellowstone and headed to Old Faithful. Old Faithful holds a special place in my heart because that is where I worked one summer back in 1981. Above, you see me standing in front of the store I worked for. Even though it looks different inside, it still brings back such memories. I had sooooooooo much fun working there! Then we hiked up to Observation Point, as it would be a while before Old Faithful erupted.

We were told there had been a bear sighting on this trail, but all we saw was a marmot (above).

The view of the geyser basin is amazing (Old Faithful would be right in the center, above).

By the time we got back down, Old Faithful was just about to go off, so we found a spot to take in the show. Thousands of gallons of steaming water thunder into the sky with each eruption. On average the geyser erupts every 92 min., thus the name.

(My sis, my hubby, my daughter)
After that we headed out on the boardwalk that takes you all around the basin to see beautiful pools, hot springs, fumaroles, mudpots, and of course more geyers.

Fumeroles are one of the hottest features. They vent steam and have very little water.

Hot springs are like geysers, but their underground systems aren't constricted, so heat escapes through evaporation or runoff, so there is no eruption.

With Geysers, constrictions in the underground system prevent water from circulating freely to the surface, which eventually leads to eruption.

After this long walk, we were hungry and tired, so we ate lunch, and then headed to the famous Old Faithful Inn (below). It is a national historic landmark, built in 1903-1904.  Built with local logs and stone it is considered the largest log structure in the world.

(my daughter, my hubby and me)
The towering lobby features a massive stone fireplace and a hand-crafted clock made of copper, wood and wrought iron.

Stone fireplace with clock (above). Looking up into the ceiling (below).

Hope you've enjoyed my pix so far. Tomorrow, I will show you scenes from Yellowstone Lake and Lower Canyon Falls. Links to the first parts of my trip: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  Bye for now!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Vacation Part 3

Today I'm going back to my summer vacation, and in my last post we had just traveled the Beartooth Highway and were about to enter Yellowstone National Park. We came through the Northeast entrance and then headed west till we got to Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.

One of the many hydrothermal features of Yellowstone, the eerie looking landscape is formed by mineral-laden hot water from below the earth's crust that surfaces and builds tier after tier of cascading and terraced stone. Over thousands of years the water has been depositing large amounts of travertine daily.

It was a pretty steep climb up to see everything, but well worth it. In fact, as we were climbing we could see storm clouds to the south, which made my pictures even more dramatic!

 An interesting fact, if you're a Star Trek fan is that scenes were shot on one of the terraces for "Star Trek: the Motion Picture", to represent the planet Vulcan. There is definitely something otherworldly about this place, that's for sure!
After that we were tired from all the walking and crowds, so we headed to West Yellowstone. West Yellowstone is the western entrance to the park and that was where our hotel was.

Oh, and here is a shot of me in one of the many gift shops in West Yellowstone. They all seemed to have a huge stuffed bear in their entrances, so I couldn't resist! If you want to read about our first and second days of our trips here they are. Tomorrow I will show you our day at Old Faithful. Bye for now!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

What I Wore

Now that I'm back home from my vacation, I'm able to take outfit shots again. It was just to hard to do when I was on the road. Plus, I mostly dressed for hiking; which consisted of a tee, shorts, sox, hiking shoes and a sweatshirt if it was chilly. 
This weekend we finally went to see Finding Dory, as we wanted to wait till my daughter was back home. I was in the mood for sunny yellow, so I wore my handmade yellow and orange floral skirt. Next time I wear the necklace I'll get a better shot, but it is basically a vintage white and gold chain necklace from which I removed the pendant replaced with two yellow handmade tassels.
Skirt and blouse: made be me
Sandals: Target
Necklace: vintage 
Belt: old

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Vacation Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the first couple of days of our trip, with stops in Custer and Spearfish SD, and Billings MT. Next we headed out early in the morning to drive the Beartooth Highway.  It stretches from Red Lodge MT to Cooke City. It's been called one of America's most beautiful highways, and I'd have to say that I agree. It's also a rather stomach dropping drive too, as you reach an altitude of 10,947ft!

At one of the overlooks, there were tons of ground squirrels and chipmunks just begging for something to eat. So my daughter and I were having a blast feeding them peanuts. So much so that I didn't want to stop!

Here we are, me and my girl!

These pictures start to tell you just how high up we were. I have to admit that I was having a hard time looking down without getting the heebeejeebees!

But the views were worth it! So beautiful!

By now we were at the very top, with 360 degree views of the Beartooth Plateau and surrounding mountain peaks. There we saw a group of big horn sheep, but we couldn't stop to take a pic darn it!

As we started to descend on the other side, we were treated with stunning views of the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness.

Above is a pic of  Pilot and Index Peaks.

Here is another view of Pilot Peak. At this point we were about to enter Cooke City. There we had lunch and a break before entering Yellowstone Park. Tomorrow I will show you some pix from the time we spent at Mammoth Terraces. And if you missed yesterday's post about deer feeding in Custer check it out here!   Bye for now!