Saturday, May 05, 2007


Just a few things to show from the thrift shop and Micheals. At the thrift shop, I found this wonderful bird statue! Also, a bottle with stopper, a salt shaker, and a bag of marvelous little black plastic top hats! At least I think that's what they are, that't what I'm going to use them for anyway. The black and white toile note cards and pad are from the Micheals dollar bins. So are those marvelous pearl initials! I'm trying to get every letter in the alphabet, or at least enough to make some good words. Love those dollar items!
Well I was tagged by Jenny to list 7 wierd things about me. Unfortunately, I have already done that list once and I can't think of anything else ( I'm pretty boring!). So I will just repeat my original list:
1. When I was little I ate the tips off of matches! Must have had a deficiency!
2. I like to take chocolate cake without frosting and mix it in a bowl with ice cream till it is the consistency of mashed potatoes.
3. I also make graham cracker mush, mixing graham crackers and milk.
4. I wanted a pet so bad when I was a kid that I decided the daddy long legs spider under our piano was my pet. I named him Nicholas ( was a fan of the tv show "Man from Uncle").
5. Can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
6. I'm getting addicted to scrapbook papers. And I don't even do scrapbooks! (I love scrapbooks but don't have the time). I do use them in my art though.
7. We have tv's, but no cable or dish or anything! Just rabbit ears! Haven't had it since the 80's. Don't really miss it either.
I actually added one item to that list. Guess which one. Anyway, bye for now! :)


lauren said...

Now THESE are interesting!! Although the obsession with mushy food kind of grossed me out--lol

lauren said...

I am so addicted to reading everyone's weird lists. so fun, thanks!

oldflowers4me said...

i love what you wrote, mm some of it was out jo.

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