Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring has arrived!

Just realized that I forgot to post about my latest creation for Etsy! I'm really not on top of things lately. Just too much to try and remember lately. But, even though it is grey and white and cold outside, that doesn't mean spring can't come to my Etsy shop. This little fairy is named "Spring Romance". She is done in cream and pink and has a touch of pearls and a rhinestone at her feet. Hope she makes you feel springy! Bye for now!


twinkleshabbystar said...

I loooove your spring fairy! Sooo sweet and pretty! She's on my wish list. :)

Sabii Wabii said...

I love this! And all her little brother and sisters on fickr I love too! I'm glad I found you.

Sarah said...

I love your spring fairy!!!

Laurie said...

Thank you everyone for your super sweet comments! So nice of you to visit! :)

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