Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wildlife and Crazy Horse

After the cave, we decided to take a drive around the wildlife loop in Custer State Park. We saw buffalo, mountain goats, and deer. Next, we stopped at the Crazy Horse Monument. It's such an amazing place, with so much to see. It's a mountain that is being carved like Mt. Rushmore, only this is a depiction of the Lakota indian Crazy Horse. It will be much bigger than Mt. Rushmore too, when it's done.
They have a long way to go, even though it started back in 40's, it's slow going. The orig. sculptor (who is dead now) didn't want to accept any money from the Fed. govt. So the only money they get is from donations and revenue from tickets and sales.
This small statue shows what it will look like when it is finished. So far only the face is done. You can see his profile in the top middle of the mountain. Well, bye for now!


LaurieStar said...

Hi Laurie - I found your blog through Artsy Mama's sidebar. I love your work and then scrolled down to see those dinosaurs and then the Crazy Horse Mountain and Mt. Rushmore. When I was a kid, my parents took me to see all those same things, so your blog brought back a lot of memories for me! And since we have the same name, I just had to write you! Have a great day!

Laurie said...

Thanks Laurie! I'm glad you checked out my blog and creations. That was a great trip, and I hope Sabrina remembers it fondly just like we do! :)

Ora said...

People should read this.

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