Sunday, September 07, 2008

Black cat for UHAT

This pretty kitty is "masquarade" and I made her for the challenge at the UHAT ebay group. She has a cloth stuffed body that I painted and chenille bump and stem arms, legs and tail. Her head is sculpted of paper mache and hand painted.
I gave her a skirt of vintage crepe paper and lace and a collar of vintage silk millinery petal and crepe paper. Around her waist is a belt of black ribbon and a vintage earring for a buckle. She holds a mask that is coated in silver glass glitter. Her hat is cardstock embellished with crepe paper and silver glass glitter.
I also made some little glass bubble charms that are two sided and soldered with silver solder. Check out my ebay auctions to see the other sides. Bye for now!


e said...

Hi Laurie. Love your site and this charming feline. Sitting here right now enjoying the swinging Autumn Leaves too. I am most curious though as to what IS the UHAT group on Ebay. Thanks for illumination. e

Laurie said...

Thank so much e! The UHAT is a group of Halloween artists on Ebay. You can check out their art by searching the word UHAT on Ebay. It's a fun group to be part of. Laurie :)

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