Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Toshiba computer!

Ok, I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but I have a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly good excuse. First my computer died and I tried to get it fixed as you saw in the last post. And we thought it was fixed, I mean, I can get on the internet. But, unfortunately, my hubby can't get the printer to connect to it! So now I can't load pix from my camera! No flickr! Now pix on my blog! No new items on Etsy or Lollishops!!!!!!! Not good! So now comes the realisation that maybe this is the end of the road. I'm not going to throw more money at this old thing if it can't be fixed. It's having other issues too, so the writing is on the wall. And so are dollar signs! How will I pay for it!? But, I can't give up right? As I alluded to before, there is something exciting in my artistic future, and I need to be on the computer to take advantage of it. So, I guess that's what credit cards are for! And faith, that I will start selling enough art to hopefully pay for it someday. Yikes! It is hard for me to even contemplate putting such a thing on a credit card, my Dad tought us to never buy anything we couldn't pay for in cash. But, this isn't a luxury or for fun. It's for my business and I have to do this if I'm serious about making a living doing this. Maybe this will give me the push to really start marketing and promoting myself. Maybe this will be what I need to get serious about my art. Sometimes you do have to take a chance, and make a big commitment. So, hopefully soon, I will be blogging to you on a new computer. With new pix! Can't wait, I have so much to show you and catch you up on. Like Christmas, and new art I've done. So, bye for now, but not for too long!

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