Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog Party Giveaway!! Starts tommorow!!

Please check out my blog parties tomorrow, and here is what you could win:
First I have two little doll faces I found at the thrift store, aren't they fabulous?! One in pink and one in blue.
And, I'm giving away one of the new pendants I've started making. There are three others that I've made to list on "Lollishops" tomorrow, along with some other fun things. It's made of paperclay, so it is very light. And the original art is my newest creation, "Louise". She is a sweet little french girl, and you'll be seeing more of her and her new friends, so check it all out tomorrow. It's going to be a big day!!!!! And, please don't forget to leave a comment here starting tomorrow, if you want to be in the running for these prizes! I will pick a winner Sunday night at 6 p.m. central time. Oh, and you can also check out Fairie Dust Dreams blog party today! bonjour!


Looking Glass said...

I am in LUST LUST I tell you!

And I love that you have Lavienrose Edith Piaff playing!! I loved the movie that came out on her life! Her voice is one of my favs!!!!


Laurie said...

Thanks Gypsy!!! I love that song too, though I've never seen the movie. It just makes me want to see Paris even more! :)

Nancy said...

Isn't this a great day not only for Love, but parties, new friends, and great crafts! Darling little dolly faces!

Happy Valentines Day!
Huggs, Nancy

Mary Wadsworth said...

I love Louise, my grandmother was French and lived on a street named Louise! Funny huh?

I love your work and your playlist.
Happy Valentines Day!

Laurie said...

Thank you so much Nancy and Mary! I'm a quarter French on my dad's side (DesLauriers is my maiden name) and my dad's name was Louis. So that's why I named her Louise. Hugs! :)

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