Friday, June 12, 2009

New gnomes in the garden!

Time to welcome some new friends to the garden! These new gnomes are from a land called Target, and I thought they wanted to live indoors. But, they have expressed a need to be among the plants and flowers, so now they have taken up residence in Sabrina's little garden.

I gave them a little garden hut that I hope the stone crop will eventually creep onto, here is one gnome at the front entrance.

The other gnome it checking out the bird cage I am using to protect my new yarrow plant from the groundhog. The gnome assures me he will keep an eye out for garden pests!

This is a shot of our front door, I know, it needs some plants. But I'm not good at container plants.

Here is the robin's nest that was under our deck. It had fallen down, once the babies left the nest. So I just set it on the shelf by our back door.

In the back garden everything is coming in nicely. Above is the walker's low catmint.

This gnome has a butterfly net.

Below is another invention of mine to try and protect some purple coneflower from bunnies and ground hogs. So far, it's working! Bye for now!

1 comment:

Chrissange said...

I think, no, I'm sure, it's a pleasure to have a walk in your garden ;)

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