Saturday, September 03, 2011

Library Love

This past year I've have become an
avid library lover.
And not just for books,
but for movies and tv show too!
Recently, I've watched "True Blood"
"House of Elliot" and "Dr. Who".
And I just finished watching the first season of
"All Creatures Great and Small".
There is no way I could afford to buy all these dvds,
and I wouldn't want to have to store them either.
So this is such a wonderful solution!

But of course, I do check out books too!
Here is an interesting book I just got
called, "Style Yourself".

I don't really worry about whether something is
"in fashion".
I just wear what I like, and that I think I look good in.

This is a book that draws inspiration from bloggers who have
lots of fashion style. And it's about building a wardrobe
and ways to wear clothes.

Like the illustration below that shows
different ways to wear a dress.

And this one shows cardigan options.
Sometimes, I just need a little inspiration to make
the same old clothes look new and different!

I just had to include this shot of a cute girl in her fall outfit.
I especially love the hat!

Hope you get a chance to check out this book,
and your local library.
I think you'll be glad you did!
bye for now!

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