Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

I'm so in love with my latest thrifted finds! 
I mean, check out the vintage craft book!
I've seen this on Ebay for lots of money
so I was so thrilled to see it at my thrift.
Plus, I got some yellow and some blue gingham fabric,
and some CUTE sandals! 
I just love the clog style bottoms.

Here is a close up of the craft book cover.

I think the illustration for this ad is fabulous!

And of course the colorful if somewhat cheesy 
craft projects.

This sun is amazing!

And there are always knit and crochet fashions.
I was especially amazed by the mod and space agey 
dresses with the yarn helmets and the fab tights!

Bye for now!

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