Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flower Loom Heart Tutorial

 This is a demonstration of how I make a heart
on a vintage flower loom.
First, it has to be a loom with adjustable pegs,
so you can form the shape of a heart.
You can see this shape in the pic below.
 Secondly, you need to know how to wind the yarn
around the pegs as you would for a flower.
I started winding my heart
at the top and bottom points.
 Then worked my way around till 
I got back to the beginning.
Also, I wound twice for each time
to give a little thickness to the heart.

 After winding is done,
you need to finish the center
and tie off.

 Now you can remove the heart from the loom
and start to crochet around the edge.
I use a single crochet stitch,
and started at the top center of the heart.
I slip stitched onto those top loops and then chained 6,
single crochet onto the next set of loops
and chained 4.
 I just kept going around like this, 
adjusting the number of the chains in between
to keep the loops in a heart shape.
Once I got back to the start at the top, 
I slip stitched and tied off.
And here is the finished heart!
Bye for now!

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