Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Pretty Please!

I don't like to ask for favors,
but if you are on facebook I would 
love it if you could vote for me in this contest.
I would get a year of free advertising on handmadeology!
I normally wouldn't do this, but
desperate times call for desperate measures.
Times are very tight in the Duncan household,
so any money I can make in my shop will be a 
huge help! 
I know my chances are slim, being the introvert I am,
but nothing ventured nothing gained, right?
Go to my photo in the comments and like it,
that's all you have to do!
And if you haven't like my facebook page yet 
here is the link!
Thanks in advance!
Bye for now!


peaches mcginty said...

Will do! will ask the Mr can I use his Facebook! good luck, you never know, you could win! x x x

pastcaring said...

Done! It's absolutely fine to ask, Laurie, that's what friends are for! Good luck. xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thank you both! I guess it ends this Friday, so that's against me! But if nothing else I make get a little attention! :)

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