Tuesday, September 02, 2014

New Sewing Machine!

Well, the sewing drought is finally over!
I have a new (at least to me) sewing machine!
I found it on Craigslist, and it's actually 14 years old, 
but I decided that if might actually last longer
than the last one, because of that.
In other words, it might be made better! 
Plus, it doesn't have any computer parts,
which is what caused the last one to die.
I don't need a computer on my sewing machine,
thank you very much.
I haven't sewn any clothes yet, 
as I've been too busy catching up on mending
that I couldn't do before.
But I will start a clothing project soon, 
probably for fall!
I spruced her up a bit with some washi tape and stickers.
Oh, and I'm thinking of giving her a name,
any ideas?
Bye for now!


Vix said...

What a sweet machine! Can't wait to see what you create. xxx

GardenOfDaisies said...

Oh how wonderful! And it looks like it has oodles of decorative stitches!!

Curtise said...

She's a beauty - did you decide on her name? xx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks, Curtise, I think I have picked a name. I will let everyone know on Facebook! :)

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