Friday, December 12, 2014

My Week

Making more Christmas decorations, 
such as a mini diorama in a jam jar lid.
And, a pom pom garland for my tree.

And of course, I had to make sugar cookies.
My daughter did most of the frosting
and she did such a great job!

My funny moment of the week,
was finding Smoke sitting at the dinner table.
I guess he was waiting for his meal!
 Sorry buddy, not for you!

Bye for now!


peaches mcginty said...

You are so talented! the diorama is fantastic, what a brilliant idea! pom-poms are forever wonderful and your daughter did an amazing job with the frosting, the angel has lips, such attention to detail! i'm sure our cats think they are human, they seem to want the same food too haha! x x x

Curtise said...

Smoke is just so handsome, sitting up to table waiting for his dinner!
LOVE those pom poms, and the jam jar lid decoration. xxx

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