Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Presents and a Supernatural Cake

 We got back so late from our outing on Saturday,
that it was dark and we were pretty worn out
by the time we got home. 
So...... I didn't get too fancy taking these pics!
Thank goodness I decorated the cake the day before!
Oh, and we are not devil worshipers or anything,
we just love the show "Supernatural", 
so I decorated her cake with the "devil's trap" symbol.
I should of removed the paper from underneath
before I took the pix, but oh well.
The candle is one my mom bought for all her grandkids,
it has a countdown on the side from 1 to 21. 
 Most of her gifts were "Supernatural" related too. 
She was a pretty happy camper!

Bye for now!


peaches mcginty said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to your darling daughter! the cake is very impressive and the candle is a beautiful gift from your Mum, how lovely! what a perfect birthday celebration! x x x

Adi R. said...

That's an amazing cake, and happy belated birthday to her!


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