Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sketches Catch Up

It has been quite awhile since I update you on my sketches! And now that I have a sketch book just for daily sketching, I'm creating a lot to show you. I'm still mainly working with gouache paints and trying to improve.

These cat face turned out to be one of my favorites!

This rooster painting is probably the one that I think turned out the best of all, I'm very happy with the finished product!

I also added the "Warm Mitten" piece at the top to my Society6 shop, so check it out!


Lindsey Puls said...

Oh wow! Each one I looked at I was like "oh, this is my favorite"..but I did that for basically all of them, haha. They're all fantastic! That rooster painting is pretty amazing and unique, though! Wow!

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks so much Lindsey! :)

Olga Rani said...

So beautiful! I love the brightness of your sketches! The rooster is amazing!

Laurie Duncan said...

Thank you Olga! :)

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