Sunday, February 04, 2007

Birthday Party!

Saturday was Sabrina's "festival birthday party" as Sabrina called it! First pic shows her and Tigger checking out the presents. Her Grandpa and Grandma Duncan were there. And Mark ( a family friend and groomsmen in our wedding) and his two kids Kian and Ella were there too. You can see them in the second pic as Sabrina opens her presents. The last pic is of her blown out candle on her cake. It was a cherry jello poke cake with whipped cream frosting. Sabrina added the marachino cherries on top. It turned out pretty well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We had pizza and cherry cake because those are Sabrina's favorites, ( and pizza is easy!). We all had a really great time!

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jenny holiday said...

Tooo tooooo cute!! Ohhh how fun!! Loving the cake!! Soo fun!! Looks great!! Boy oh boy Sabrina is such a doll!! "festival"!! That's great!!

Hope the day was really fun!! It looks like it was!!

And your house looks great!!
xoxo Jenny

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