Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday!

Tuesday was my daughter Sabrina's 6th birthday! So I went in to help out Tuesday instead of Wed. Brought the little indivually wrapped rice krispie bars as the birthday treat. I'm so glad I was there, they do a great job of celebrating. The bottom picture is Sabrina and her class and her teacher. She got to pick six kids to be candles and they stand up with their arms over their heads to look like a candle with a flame. Then she counts them, and as she counts them they sit down like they were blown out. I thought that was a really cute idea. The teacher made a crown in her favorite color which she is wearing in the top pic. It is also shown in the middle pic sitting on her school table. She got to decorate it with stickers. The teacher also asked Sabrina what were her three favorite things to do, and then all the kids made her a card. It was fun looking through all of them to see what they drew. By the way, she has a crush on one of her classmates, Kyle K. She says he's "so handsome!" I'm not too worried, as he doesn't seem too excited about romance yet. Tomorrow we will have a birthday party for the family and close friends. Should be lots of fun! Will take lots of pix I'm sure.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Happy Sixth Birthday to Sabrina! What a lovely Birthday Princess she is in her crown! :)

jenny holiday said...

Oh I had a great laugh at this post! I remember my 6th bday!! WOW!! I love the kids as candles thing! Really cool idea!! fun fun fun!!

The crown is super cute!! She is adorable!

I cannot believe her wording..."Kyle K is so handsome!" LOL!! sooo funny!!! really funny!!

Watch out Rob!! LOL What on earth will Rob do when Sabrina can date? What a funny thought! huh?
loved the pics!!!

Talk soon!
xoxo Jenny

Lucy Glade said...

Lol that's actually funny cuz he is now. But he's mean so..

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