Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little antiquing

What do I do when Sabrina stays with the grandparents? Antique!! Rob and I went to a little town called Buffalo and went to all our favorite spots. My finds include the little number tags, I bought "68" for Rob's birth year and "61" for mine. Next I found what look like thumb tacks with numbers. They turned out to be markers to help keep track of storm window, screens, drawers, etc. And there is a toy muffin tin, two cards of cream baby ric rac, and pink birthday candles. Last, but not least, are two small leather books, with german text. Love small little beat up books, I can't seem to get enough of them! Oh, almost forgot! Underneath it all are four creamware plates. The lady that rang me up said that they were from a church. I love to know the history behind something, and that reminds me of all the breakfasts and suppers I ate at church when I was growing up. Well, back to work, bye for now! :)

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