Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A cat, a mommy moment and vintage treasures

First, I had to take some pix of my kitty, Tigger. I don't take enough photos of him, and since our other cat, Oreo died, I vowed I would. I left the front door open for a little while so he could look out through the storm door. Next best thing to being outside. He loved it of course. He looks (and acts) kind of ornery, but he is really a sweet cat. And he loves attention!
And here are my latest finds form the weekend estate sales. Four vintage frames, a set of sillouette coasters, and a set of very tarnished silver cream and sugar. I did wipe off a bit of the dirt and tarnish after I took this pic, but I left most of it as I love it that way.
This morning was one of those mommy moments for me. I had just gotten Sabrina ready for the bus and on the way to the bus stop she asks if I put the "blue note" for the teacher in her backpack. What!!! Was I having a senior moment!?! I searched the files in my brain for school related "notes". All I could think of was the money I had sent for her school lunch and the field trip. Did I blank something out! I felt like I was in school again and realized I had forgotten to do my homework! Of course Sabrina didn't have a clue what the"note" was for, and the more I asked her the more upset she got. So I let it go, and decided to email the teacher and ask her about it. Luckily, it WAS about the money that I had sent already. So, this time I was in the clear. But I just know that I will mess up one of these days-YIKES! Bye for now!

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