Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sabrina's zinnia

This is the zinnia plant that Sabrina gave to me as a seedling for Mother's Day, can't believe it made it! I have a serious bunny problem and has been very dry and hot here, so I've had to go the extra mile to keep this little guy safe and sound. Like using lots and lots of pepper wax spray! That's the only thing I've found that really works on keeping the rabbits at bay. I did try this urine spray stuff, but the smell was enough to make me barf! And with very little rain, our water bill will be sky high I'm sure. The good thing is our heat finally broke from the 90's and 100's to 70's and 80's ! That's more like it!

This little windmill is a gift from a very good friend of ours named George. He used to be our neighbor when we lived in our first house. He's a bachelor in his 50's and I think he kind of adopted us as his family. See more pix of my garden in the next post!


Kristin said...

Your zinnia is looking good! I hate to admit it but I'm a plant killer! lol I try, I really do, but I'm not much of a gardener. Good luck with the bunnies, too.

farmerjulie said...

love the purple zinnia. and i do love your rock!! and you rock! are you going to be listing on ebay soon? jules

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