Friday, September 07, 2007

Charmed I'm Sure

These are charms I did for Angela's "Charmed I'm Sure" swap I'm in. They are two-sided bubble charms, with silver soldering around the edges and s-shaped jump rings. It was pretty hard getting the hang of it at first, but I really love it and want to do more. Maybe I will even try and make some to sell, will see! Bye for now!


lindzibun said...

hi there! well done you, you have such talent and imagination. i seriously love bubble charms and really want to make some personalised ones for my friends however i cannot for the life of me find the actual bubble 'domes' anywhere.
i would really appreciate it if u could please point me in the right direction?! thank you so much, lindzi x

Laurie said...

Thanks, I actually used the little glass pebble that are used for flower arrangements. They are small, but very cheap! Hope that helps, Laurie :)

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