Saturday, November 08, 2008

Autumn Leaves

I just love a blustery, rainy, autumn day. For some reason the rain makes the leaves even more vibrant than they already are! And the wind was really blowing, so the tree in our back yard was
really dropping the leaves! I was like a golden ballenina in the wind!
I also did some decorating for fall inside, using mostly natural elements, and any turkey collectibles that I have.
Above is the top of the china cabinet and the pic below is the inside.
Those collages in the pic below are one of the only times that I have left frames gold. They look great for fall.
Every year we collect more leaves to press, so I have lots to use for decorating.
Below is a little display I did on top of the dresser in the living room. I love, love, love tarnished silver! Hope you like my efforts, soon I will have pix from the Christmas display at Macy's, so stay tuned! bye for now!

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