Friday, November 28, 2008

New Banner! Again!

Okay, I know, another new banner. But I really hope this will be it, for awhile! My art has been evolving a bit over the last year, with a lot of experimentation. But I'm starting to settle on a style I feel comfortable with (I hope). I guess I've always had a hard time fitting into a "catagory", since I like so many things. But it makes it hard to market myself. Now, I'm about to open a shop at "Lollishops" and I decided to get more into paintings. So, I did something that relates to my dolls. Here is a sneek peek of the painting:And a sneek peek of the doll:
Will let you know as soon as my shop is open, I have another painting that I'm doing finishing touches to, so want to finish that first. Bye for now!

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