Sunday, April 12, 2009

Macy's Flower show is back where it belongs!

After a couple of years of relagating the flowers to the first floor of Macy's (between shoes and perfume counters) they finally realized it was a mistake to move the flower show from the 8th floor auditorium! I had quit going, because it just wasn't the same. On the 8th floor they had the room to make a fantasy land of plants, flowers, and garden structures. The first pic is of the entrance sign, even that was beautiful!
Once you entered the main garden area the first thing you saw were these magnificent topiary flamingos! They were made using kalanchoes.Then there was this beautiful French garden with a fountain, topiaries and

huge daffodills!

Oh, and I just loved the big pink buds on this magnolia tree.
The colors were so saturated and the smell was devine!
Talk about purplicious!
Even the succulents were amazing!
It was deninitely a sight for sore eyes!
I had to take a pic of one of the chandeliers on first floor too, aren't these amazing!
It was so much fun to see a little taste of summer, just as spring is getting here! By the way, this is what I wore. A fun vintage smock apron with a blue cardigan, and my new vintage yellow straw purse.After the flower show we went to the barnes and noble next door, what a great view!
There's the hubby deep in a book.

There's me deep in some magazines. Well, bye for now, and I hope everyone had a great Easter! Will have Easter pix soon!

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chinamommy said...

Oh those are gorgeous flowers! i was a florist in my college days & still love flowers (although not carnations- those are what the cheap guys took their girlfriends).

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