Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fall is here! and other tidbits!

What says "fall is here" for me? How about baking. This is a new recipe I found called "pumpkin brownies". They are pretty darn good, maybe because they have chocolate chips in them!

And, of course, new school clothes are a sign! Here is the kid in her new jeans and top.
I love the little bird!

Smoke isn't really a sign, but I thought that he looked rather wistful in an autumn sort of way.

And, this year fall meant a change in hair color for me. I already have dyed it red twice, but the first two colors were either too light or too dark.

But this color, "spiced tea" was just right I think. It's by Clairol, Natural Instincts. The only thing is that it's not a permanent color so I'm a little worried how long it lasts. It's supposed to be gentle enough to use a lot more so I guess we will see.

I sure do like the shade though, so I hope it works out. I'm running out of options, as there aren't that many red hair colors.
Hope you have a great fall! Bye for now!!

1 comment:

Gypsy said...

Wowzer do I LOVE LOVE LOVE that hair color!!!!

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