Thursday, February 09, 2012

Gift Box Valentines DIY

After Christmas and my daughter's birthday
I realized I had an abundance of gift boxes
from her favorite store. 
They have such fun bright colors 
that I thought maybe I could recycle them. 
So with Valentines Day around the corner I decided to make Valentines!
First I cut out heart shapes from the box.
Then I traced the hearts onto colored cardstock 
and cut around the outlines with scrapbooking scissors
to make a border.

Then I glued the cardboard valentine to the cardstock heart. 

Now came the fun part! 
Get out your glitter!

I drew on the valentines with glue,
outlining the edges
accenting the hearts
and adding words. 
Then dusted with colors of glitter that coordinated.

Aren't they fun and colorful!
Then I put double stick tape on the back of the candy 
and taped it to the back of the valentine.

You can then write the names on the back.
It's a fun project, and in my case
everything was free except for the candy.
You could use any gift boxes that have great colors and designs.
Thanks for visiting!
Bye for now!

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