Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I was so excited to find these finds
at my thrift recently!
The peasant blouse was found in the vintage section,
and appears to be hand made. 
I just love the colors!
Then I found the red shoes.
Cute and comfortable and red! 
I really have a hard time buying shoes anymore.
I developed a (gasp) bunion on my left foot!
I hope I didn't just gross out anyone,
but all they really are is a bump on the side of the foot
just below the big toe. 
But they can make shoes uncomfortable,
especially narrow shoes. 
So now, not only can I not wear high heeled shoes anymore
(they make my feet scream). 
I can't wear anything too narrow anymore either. 
Really makes shoe shopping difficult!
And for the record I hate the word bunion! 
Anyway, I plan on altering the shoes just a bit, 
and I will show that when I'm done. 
Bye for now!

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