Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mom's Potato Salad

Lately my girl has been in love with potatoes,
especially boiled and oven fries
Because we had some pretty warm weather last week, 
I made my Mom's potato salad.
Here is the recipe: 
*5 potatoes (boiled, I used small red potatoes, so I used a few more)
*4 hard boiled eggs
*1 small onion (opt.)
*celery (opt.)
*1 cup mayo (I use miracle whip light)
*2 tsp. mustard
*2 T sugar
*1 T vinegar
Slice potatoes, onions and celery in bowl. ( I didn't have any onion or celery,
but it was still good without).
Combine mayo, mustard, sugar, and vinegar in small bowl and mix.
Add to potatoes and mix. 
Top with slice up eggs.
Chill for a coupe of hours at least before serving.
Also, I like to chill the potatoes at least an hour 
after boiling, so they don't fall apart when I'm mixing in the dressing.

Bye for now!

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