Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dyeng for Color

 I was kind of behind on Easter eggs this year 
and forgot to buy the box of dye tablets.
Then I remembered you can use food coloring
like you use for frosting.
And I have to say, it works way better!
You just use boiling water, vinegar,
and 20 drops of food coloring,
(the directions are on the box)
easy peasy!
 The colors are so rich and bright!

Hope you had a great Easter!
Bye for now!


vivian said...

we used to use food coloring when we were kids. your eggs turned out nice and bright. ours were all very interesting because the babies mixed their colors and did their own thing with them! lol! but it was fun.
have a great day Laurie!

Laurie Duncan said...

Hi Viv! It's funny that I never tried this before, but I really like it better. Half the time those little tablets don't even dissolve completely! :)

Debbie Burns said...

These bring back pretty. My kids are older so I haven't colored eggs for a few years. Debbie @

Laurie Duncan said...

My girl is 13, and she wasn't as enthusiastic as before, but she still wanted to do it! :)

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