Friday, April 25, 2014

Random Photos

 Here are some pix that have been taken
over the last week or two.
Above, working on sewing project.
Below, a funny faced egg.
 Putting together my outfit for last week.

 Plastic Easter eggs ready to be put away.

Have a great weekend,
bye for now!


pastcaring said...

I do wish I had a table/room where I could leave my sewing out, but alas, I don't, and have to pack it away, or risk the kids and cats messing with it! Love your hanger for the cotton reels.
Red and black are a fabulously dramatic combination, I do like your paisley skirt. xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks! I had to clean all the stuff off of if first, but it was worth it.
Unfortunately, now my sewing machine is broke down, so don't know when I will be doing more sewing.

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