Sunday, July 27, 2014

What I Wore

Not the best photos,
but it was rainy and cloudy,
so indoors I had to go.
Skirt and ring: made by me
Sandals: thrift
Tee: Old Navy
Bracelets and belt: Dots
Pin: Vintage

Linking to Visible Monday
Bye for now!


Patti said...

It's sunny where you are, Laurie - you look radiant. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.!

Diane Mars said...

Laurie, you are so cute I love your Posts it's so fun to what outfit you have put together. You have a great figure and you look so good in everything you wear! I am really gonna have to start thinking more outside of the box with my choice in clothes... and I am trying to just lose a few pounds too! Big Hug, Diane

pastcaring said...

Love that faux patchwork print, and you always look so good in yellow, Laurie! xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks everyone! I do love wearing yellow! And Diane, I don't think you need to loose weight, you look great the way you are! It is fun to play with clothes more now that I don't worry about rules or trends, I just where what I like and feel comfortable in. :)

Vix said...

You always look lovely in yellow and that patchwork skirt is one of my favourites. xxx

Jill James said...

You are sunny in yellow, even if the weather isn`t. Great patchwork skirt.

peaches mcginty said...

You made your own sunshine! you look amazing, yellow is beautiful on you and I adore your skirt, it's so pretty and your flower brooch is amazing! x x x

lala said...

Love the skirt - I once had a maxi dress in very similar fabric - oh how I wish I had kept it!!! This is such a great outfit.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Oh so sunny in spite of the weather. You sure do show us how to take a "uniform" style of skirt and top and take advantage of the huge variety possible. Sweet brooch ... you look very pretty!

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