Monday, June 08, 2015

To Tokyo and Back

My hubby just got a new job,
and right away he had to take a trip to Japan!
He was there for a week and just got back.
It was really a great experience for him!
He did take some pix, which I will try to get on the blog
very soon. He also brought some great souvenirs for me and 
dear daughter, such as these yummy candies.
My daughter liked it all. I liked the chocolate, but 
the raspberry Kit Kat had a strange taste that I didn't care for.

He also got us these cute little toys.
Aren't they neat!

Also, today dear daughter went to stay with her grandparents 
in South Dakota for part of the summer.
I know she will have fun, but I miss her already!

Bye for now!


Vix said...

Love that little viking! Not keen on Kit Kats but the flavoured one sounds truly horrid! x

Curtise said...

Hope your husband enjoyed his trip to Japan - he certainly brought all sorts of goodies back for you and your daughter (though I am not at all sure I'd like a raspberry-flavoured Kit Kat...) xxx

Margaret said...

When I was young, my dad traveled to Japan seventeen times over the course of 20 years. It was a fascinating place and he brought us home treasures from each trip. In turn, many of those business people from Japan would visit us when they came to the USA. They become friends and my Dad stayed in touch with them long after he retired. They would bring back souvenirs for their kids and once in a while they would even bring their children with them on these business trips. It was the 70's but guess what? I still keep in touch with some of those people who knew my Dad and some of their children! Your husband will always have great experiences with Japan! Maggie

peaches mcginty said...

What an exciting opportunity for your husband, I have never been to Japan but what a fantastic country! the gifts are lovely! my husband came back from Seattle with a bottle of shampoo for me, I haven't a clue what he was thinking (it won't happen again though haha!) x x x

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