Thursday, March 31, 2016

Macy's Flower Show Part 2

Hope you enjoyed the pix of the flower show yesterday, because here are some more!

Cacti and succulents are so popular now, it was fun to see these here.

Here is another shot of those huge lillies at the base of the torch.

I wish we had cherry trees here, so pretty!

 Afterwards we hung out at the downtown Barnes and Noble, IDS building and Target. Below is a shot looking up in the crystal court of the IDS building.

A lovely day indeed! Bye for now!


Vix said...

I love succulents and cacti! Almost impossible to kill.
Gorgeous display, certainly puts my gardening capabilities to shame. xxx

Curtise said...

The flower show looks great, loving all the colour! xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

I know it makes me want to buy some cactus! :)

Laurie Duncan said...

Isn't it wonderful! And it's all indoors! :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such a fabulously lovely feast for the eyes! There's a deep joy that comes from being around flowers (at least for me :)), and I'd imagine that is only magnified in such a stunning, bloom filled setting. Plus, it must smell out of this world awesome there, too.

Big hugs & joyful start of April wishes,
♥ Jessica

Laurie Duncan said...

Oh, it does smell just devine! I wish you could've been there! :)

Olga Rani said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful flowers! Seeing such beauty in reality would brighten anybody's day!

Laurie Duncan said...

Yes, it was wonderful! :)

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