Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Vacation Part 1

Our first family vacation in years started off with Hubby and I heading to  Custer SD to visit with the In-laws and pick up our daughter who had been staying with them for the month of June. While there we watched all the deer around their property.

 My daughter would feed the deer every day while she was there.

The next day we picked up my sis in Spearfish SD and headed as far as Billings. Below are the Big Horn Mountains off in the distance. They were just of taste of all the mountains we would be seeing in the coming week!

Here is a selfie of me, hubby, my sis and daughter. We were having so much fun in the wind! Lol!

Tomorrow I will show you pix from Beartooth Pass, it was amazing! Bye for now!


Jessica Cangiano said...

It's absolutely awesome that you guys were able to get away for your first vacay in years. Prior to 2013, we hadn't been on holiday for several years ourselves and I know firsthand how much the wanderlust can build up when such happens.

I hope that is the first of many getaways that you'll be able to embark on in the coming years.

Big hugs & many thanks for all of your wonderful recent blog comments,

♥ Jessica

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Jessica! I hope we do have many more vacations. This one was so special! :)

Lindsey Puls said...

Oooh the photos of the deer are so awesome! It looks like you guys are having a wonderful time! Looking forward to your next post from your vacay! :)


Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Lindsey! We did have a great time! Wish I could do it all again! :)

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