Thursday, August 16, 2007

Check out the Fairie Zine

I got Lisa Kettell's fairy zine, and I'm so excited to be one of the artist's that she featured in it(sorry that the pic is so blurry!). I'm in very good company, with so many other great artists in there! She did a beautiful job on it, and I'm honored to be in it! Here's were you can get the zine. She also sent me a whole bunch of cool ephemera and coupon! What a sweetie! Check out Lisa's blog too! Bye for now!


Gypsy said...

Yeah! I have to go get a copy at pay day. I was in her first one! She is wonderful! So glad you are in this one! Can't wait to see it! : )


Emily said...

Wow!! Lovelies! I'm going to have to get one too!

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