Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pink sky at night, artist's delight!

Last night at sunset, I looked out my window of my office and notice that the sky had really a weird light. So I ran to the deck and couldn't believe how beautiful and eerie it was! The light reminded me of what it looked like when I saw the solar eclipse in 1979. There were thunderheads and roll clouds too. Sabrina wanted to get in on the action so I took one of her too. There are more pix on my flickr site too. I just love sunsets! They always make me feel so thankful to be alive. But I know that I'm just one small little dot in the universe when I see things like this.


Natalea said...

there's nothing like a beautiful sky, is there? thanks for sharing! xo Natalea

Amy H. said...

We always call this skybluepink. I love it.

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