Friday, August 10, 2007

Hairstyles and thrift store swans

Sabrina came into my office the other night to show off her newest hairstyle! She'd figured out how to use a ponytail holder with a rose on it to hold up her hair. It really look so pretty that I had to get some pix, which she loved! I still don't know where she got that beautiful curly hair!

Next is a photo of my latest haul from the thrift store. I actually got even more than this, a whole truckload of styrofoam balls, a little adding and subtracting game, and some tap shoes for Sabrina (she loves to pretend to tap dance and they had a whole bunch of used ones). But the best finds were the vintage wedding wrapping paper (just love the colors!) and the chalkware swan plaques. I've been eyeing plaques just like these on ebay, and now I finally have some! Well, bye for now!


Stephanie said...

I checked your blog yesterday and saw the picture of the swans, I had just come home from Thrifting and saw a pair exactly like them. I googled them and this is what I found.

It is a small world!

Laurie said...

Thanks for the link Stephanie! It was fun to see that! I guess I got a good deal, cause I only paid $3.40 for the pair! I sure love them, but have to decide where I want them to go. I have a number of different places they would work. :)

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