Sunday, July 26, 2009

Liddle Middle Muffet is Getting off her tuffet!

Liddle Middle Muffet has gotten off her tuffet and is looking for a new place to eat her curds and whey! You can find her on Ebay if you're interested.This weekend I went to a fabulous estate sale, so 70's! I was in heaven! I will show more of what I found later, but let me tell you that I filled two grocery bags full and it only cost $6.50! Woo! One bag was a whole box full of mostly vintage wrapping paper! Below are just a few examples:

Mod Bridal Shower
Patchwork flowers and rickrack

Bright flower field

70's Kitchen Kitsch

Hope you enjoyed! Bye for now!


icandy... said...

Very cool!!!! I have a thing for vintage wrapping papers... it looks like you got away with some really good loot!

Christina :)

Laurie said...

Yes, this was my lucky day! :)

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Neat the little Muffet! ;-)

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