Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Enjoying the Weather

 The other day the weather was perfect, 
warm with no humidity!
So I went out to admire my pretty red tulip...

 and to hang out some laundry, 
which I haven't done in a long time.

 It brought back wonderful memories of my mom and me 
hanging laundry when I was little.
 I would run between the sheets and hide!
Her birthday would have been this week, 
and I miss her so much!
Bye for now!


pastcaring said...

Ahh, I'm so sorry you miss your mum, Laurie. I have similar washing day memories. Hurray for some lovely sunshine. xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

I do miss her, but it also makes me happy to have these wonderful memories. :)

Vix said...

Birthdays and anniversaries are the worst, aren't they? I'm with you and sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes.
Love the washing on the line and those gorgeous flowers. xxxxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks, I appreciate that Vix! When I see your name it always reminds me of my mom, because her name was Vivian. :)

peaches mcginty said...

Wonderful memories do stay with us, I'm sorry you miss your Mum - the weather is looking beautiful where you are, the tulip is so pretty x x x

Laurie Duncan said...

It was beautiful that day, has gotten really humid since then. :(

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