Friday, May 02, 2014

Shine On

Thanks to Debbie at I Love My Lemonade Life
I've been nominated for the Shine On award!
This is so cool, thanks Debbie!
I'm supposed to shine a light on my life 
by giving you 7 random facts about me,
so here goes!
1. I was hit in the head with a baseball bat when I was 3 years old
and went to the hospital . Here I am with my bandaged head.
2. Sometimes one ore both of my ears turn red and get really hot,
and I don't know why. It started in my 30s.

3. I worked in Yellowstone National Park for a whole summer 
when I was in college.

4. I love, love, love, coffee Frappuccinos! 

5. I played the flute in highschool.

6. I'm an introvert.

7. I love to ballroom dance, so much
that I took it twice in college! 

Okay, now I need to nominate 15 bloggers I admire
and, being an introvert, there were only 9 that I felt comfortable contacting:
Jenny and Aaron at Everyday is a Holiday
Curtise at The Secondhand Years 

Of course, those listed don't have to participate, 
but please go visit their blogs!
Bye for now!


pastcaring said...

I would love to try ballroom or Latin dancing, although I fear I would struggle to be light on my feet and elegant... That photo of you is so adorable, even with the bandage!
Thank you for nominating me, Laurie; I probably won't do it, but I appreciate being included in your list! xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Curtise, I totally understand! It is pretty time consuming to do this! And I think you should try the ballroom dance if you get a chance, it is so fun! :)

Amber said...

Hi Laurie, Thanks so much for nominating me! It is very kind of you to think of me. I bet it was amazing working in Yellowstone. I went there once when I was in high school and thought it was beautiful. I bet you saw all sorts of amazing animals while working there. Also, the picture of little you is adorable!

Laurie Duncan said...

You're welcome Amber, I did see so many amazing things when I worked in Yellowstone! I saw elk, bison, marmots, and even a brown bear. It was one of the best experiences of my life! :)

Sacramento Amate said...

Dearest Laurie, I am sooooooooooo honoured that you thought of me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Happy Sunday so nice to know more about you.

Laurie Duncan said...

You're welcome Sacramento! I love your style, so I just had to nominate you! :)

Vix said...

You look so cute as a baby even with a bandage on your head! Yellowstone Park? what a fab job.
Thanks for nominating me! xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Vix! Yes, Yellowstone was a great experience! :)

GardenOfDaisies said...

Thank you, Laurie! Working at Yellowstone must have been a wonderful experience! At least you didn't get eaten by bears, or anything.

Laurie Duncan said...

Yes, Yellowstone was wonderful! :)

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