Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thank You, Mom

 I have so many things to thank my mother for,
and one of them is my sense of style.
I wish she was still here to see all my outfits.
Above is a pic of Christmas 1965, 
that's me in the foreground.
She is wearing a fab sleeveless dress over a blouse,
and I'm sporting a floral bathrobe.
 Here is Mom with her family:
Brothers: Bud, Darryl and Curt
Sister: Gail (rocking a beehive)
Mom  (in a pretty gingham)
Grandma Florence
 Me and Mom at Mt. Rainier, Washington, 1969
Love our coats!
 Mom and my Uncle Boyd, 
great dress and apron combo!
Mom and me on my 9th birthday!
"Don't burn me Mom!"
Mom: wearing a fun floral number
Me: wearing plaid
I still have this cake stand by the way!
Miss you Mom, you were one stylish woman! 
Happy Mother's Day!


Vix said...

What wonderful photos! Your Mum was one stylish lady, its obvious where you get it from! xxx

pastcaring said...

Ahh, lovely photos, Laurie. Your mum was gorgeous and did indeed have great style. I think she enjoyed clothes too, I get a real sense of fun from these pics. xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Yes, I think she really did love to dress up! I remember all the different shoes and purses she had, and cocktail rings! I still have some of her accessories! :)

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