Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Flower DIY

Today I have a quick little DIY for making a simple felt bouquet.
I made mine in orange and yellow for fall,
but of course it could be in any color combo you want,
like red for Christmas poinsettieas.

What you'll need:
Template ( print out the above template 100% 
on a sheet of computer paper)
 Thin cardboard (such as a cereal box) Optional
Felt: in color you want
Yarn and crochet hook
Chenille stems

I transferred the paper templates onto thin cardboard
to make it easier to trace. 
Then I traced and cut out the felt.
Don't throw away any bits of leftover felt,
you will need it later.

Once you have the cut out shapes, 
fold each flower in half and cut two snips to form a cross.
This is where you will insert the chenille stems.

Then I used some of the scrap pieces of felt as spacers 
between the flower shapes, to give the flower more depth.

Keep layering till you get to the smallest flower.

Now I crocheted a small circle for my flower stamen,
but you could cut out another smaller flower in yellow
felt and that would be just fine.
Once you have the stamen piece on, fold over the tips of the chenille stems.
I used two stems per flower to make them more sturdy and straight.

I hope you try my tutorial out!

Bye for now!


Curtise said...

What a lovely idea, so bright and cheery! xx

Vix said...

So lovely! xxx

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