Sunday, September 13, 2015

Zoology 101

On Saturday we went to the Minnesota Zoo for the day. We hadn't been for at least five years, so we were really excited.  It turned out to be a perfect day, nice and sunny with a breeze to keep cool.

It's a big zoo so we did lots of walking to see all the animals. And we were so happy we went on a cooler day because almost all of the animals were out and about.

First we saw the penguins, they are so cute and comical. And it's amazing how easily they swim through the water.

The grizzlies were out and about too,

this fellow seemed to be having a ball in the water!

The Amur Leopard was enjoying a nap on a warm rock.

A cute little prairie dog enjoying a carrot.

A carivan of caribou out for a walk.

An adorable baby Asian wild horse.

They also have a working farm that brought back lots of special memories for me, and a chance for my girl to feed the goats.

Tomorrow I will have more pics, so till then, bye for now!

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Vix said...

What a lovely post! The animal photos are really good and you make a gorgeous family. xxx

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