Sunday, January 31, 2016

What I Wore for a Birthday Outing

Saturday was my daughter's 15th birthday, so we went to the Science Museum of Minnesota.
It was someplace she had been wanting to go to for awhile. We really had a blast, so I'll have some fun pix to show you on Tuesday.
It was kind of crazy that I was able to wear a jean jacket on January 30th, but we do sometimes get a January thaw (as the weather people call it). And I wasn't complaining! It went great with my blue plaid skirt and moto boots.

Jean jacket: thrifted
Blouse and skirt: H & M
Cardi, tights and boots: Target
Pendant: made by me

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Patti said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! Love this look, esp those cool moto boots. xox


Unknown said...

Thanks! Those boots are really comfortable!

Jill James said...

Looking so stylish in your tartan skirt, great boots and denim.
Happy birthday to your daughter, lovely shots on Instagram.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jill, she's a pretty special girl!

Vix said...

Hope your lovely daughter had a wonderful day!
Love the boots and your fabulous legs! xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks Vix! She did have a pretty great birthday. :)

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