Monday, January 04, 2016

What I Wore

Last week my hubby had a couple of days off from work and since our daughter was off from school too, we thought we would go to see Star Wars. It was a great movie by the way, so glad we went!
So I wore my new skater dress that I got on clearance at H & M for $5! I love the clearance sales!
And I wore the new coat I got for Christmas, isn't it adorable! It's from Target and has a detatchable fur collar ( although I can't imagine taking it off as it is so cozy). I also wore some cool tights I got at Target that look like tights and socks, but they are actually one piece, much easier to wear. 
Coat, tee, tights, boots: Target
Dress: H&M
Cat pin: made by me
Rhinestone pin: vintage

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Patti said...

That *is* a fabulous coat, Laurie. Love those tights too - gotta get a pair. Happiest new year to you, xox


Liz said...

Love the coat - looks so cosy!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Lindsey Puls said...

I love the whole outfit - but I especially adore that coat! So pretty! Glad to hear you enjoyed Star Wars, too. :) I thought it was awesome!


Jill James said...

Laurie, Happy New Year to you. As a fellow spot wearer I really love your coat and it is perfect over your skater dress and those great tights.Glad you all enjoyed the movie.

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone!

Olga Rani said...

This coat is indeed adorable! And the dress is very pretty too as well as the cat pin, so cute!

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Olga!

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