Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What I Can't Wait to Wear: This Fall

With Fall right around the corner, I'm starting to get excited to bring out my fall clothes and try them out with new things that I have. What am I most excited to wear again this fall?

1. Plaid Skirts

There is nothing like plaid to make me feel cozy and autumnal. I do have a couple of plaid skirts now, but I would love to add one in a red plaid, or maybe black and white.

2. Over-the-knee Boots

These boots are so versatile and yet very distinctive. I never thought I could wear them, since I have short legs. But once I tried on this pair I knew I was wrong! And I love the faux suede material of these.

3. Ethnic Prints

This skirt I got last year at H&M is a great example of a print that looks fresh and yet timeless. And the colors are perfect for a fall wardrobe.

4. Denim Jeans and Jackets

Denim is never out, and I never get tired of it. All it takes to liven it up is what you mix it with. Above I mixed it with a vintage dress. And of course, I couldn't make it through the transitioning temps of fall without a denim jacket. They go with EVERYTHING!

5. Lace Up Boots

I didn't get these boots till Christmas last year, so I'm dying to wear these boots for fall! They give a little "kick" to any outfit (pardon the pun).

6. Saddle Bag Purses

This saddle bag purse is one I found on clearance a few weeks ago, but it is perfect for fall and winter too. It's just the right size and it's crossbody, so it will be perfect for apple picking or leaf peeping!

So, what are your favorite things to wear in the fall? Are you looking for anything special for your fall wardrobe?
Bye for now!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Fabulous list, Laurie! I was nodding along big time - especially when it comes to plaid, denim, and lace up boots (I've been hunting for my dream 1910s - 1930s style dark brown tall leather/pleather boots for some twenty years now; no dice, but I do have a black zip up tall pair and shorter lace up ones).

Three huge cheers for the return of nippier days and gorgeous autumn sunlight.

xoxo ♥ Jessica

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks so much Jessica! I love boots so much I would wear them all year if I could! Hope you find your dream boots soon. :)

Olga Rani said...

Oh, I love over the knee boots, and of course, ethnic prints. I would add sweater-dresses to your autumnal list perhaps :)

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Olga! Sweater dresses are wonderful too! :)

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