Sunday, August 28, 2016

What I Wore

 So as you can see, I finally got my hair cut! I'm really loving it so far! It's called a long bob, or "lob".

 It was another rainy morning, so I had to take pix inside again. I decided to wear this dress without a belt, and I really liked it. I'm kind of addicted to belts, so it felt weird, but good.
Dress: H&M
Sandals: Target
Purse and vintage owl necklace: thrifted

My daughter got her hair cut too, and it really turned out great!

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Bye for now!


Patti said...

You and your daughter both look fabulous, Laurie! Great hair! xo


Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Patti! :)

Jill James said...

I must agree with Patti , you both look gorgeous with those haircuts.

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks so much Jill! :)

Vix said...

You and your daughter look wonderful with your new haircuts and you're so alike, too. I don't think I've noticed before. xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks so much Vix! :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Your new haircut rocks, Laurie! What a becoming, fun length.

How sweet, too, to get to see some snaps of your beautiful DH.

Big hugs & many heartfelt thanks for all of your great blog comments this summer,

♥ Jessica

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Jessica! I really appreciate all your comments in my blog too! :)

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