Friday, November 04, 2016

Fall Colors

I thought it was about time to show off some of my favorite photos of fall colors. I never get tired of taking pictures of autumn, I hope you don't get tired of seeing them. The pics above and below are from one of our new paths in my neighborhood.

Love this bright red tree!

Even our crab apple tree is so pretty this time of year. Hope you are having a beautiful fall, ( or spring depending on where you are). Bye for now!


Vix said...

Some of those colours are amazing. We've got a red tree across the road from our house, it near takes your breath away! xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Vix! You're tree sounds beautiful too! :)

Lindsey Puls said...

I will never get tired of seeing your fall photos, Laurie! I'm experiencing fall vicariously through you. :) Keep 'em coming! And that path in your neighborhood is stunning - wow!

Laurie Duncan said...

Thanks Lindsey! I'm glad you enjoy my photos! :)

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